Weekly Update for the Week of October 10th, 2018

We had a wonderful World Communion celebration last Sunday.  Thanks to Wayne and Sarah for creating the most amazing altar display.

The colors on the altar in honor of World Communion Sunday each represent different aspects of our faith. Beginning on the left and working to the right, the light blue signifies the blue skies and represents hope or good health. The black represents the void out of which God created the heavens and the earth. Black means the absolute, constancy and eternity.

The green represents breaking the shackles, freed from from bondage, and the victory of life over death. Gold means illumination, love, compassion and wisdom. The purple speaks of fasting, faith, patience and trust. The red signifies action, fire, clarity and spiritual awakening.And the dark blue signifies life-giving air. Together these seven colors are present on 95% of the flags in the world.

The wooden bowl from which the bread is served today is made from an olive tree from
Jordan. The bowl was purchased in 2009 at Qasr el Yahud on the Jordan River where John the Baptist baptized Jesus. The tree from which the bowl was carved was 2000 to 2500 years old. It makes it possible that Jesus actually saw or walked past this tree when he was with John the Baptist.

Wayne reports that Maisie is home and improving.  If you are so inclined you may give a donation here.  The hospital bills are high.

Help Maisie Get Well!!

Next Sunday is Charge Conference!!  6:00 pm at Christ UMC

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