Barnardsville Men

Once upon a time the men at BUMC dreamed of starting a group that would address the needs of the aged and the infirmed  in the area of the Big Ivy.  When we realized that we did not have enough men in the church to do some of the things we wanted to do, we went out to the other churches in the area that showed some interest in creating functional work crews to address community problems and repairs.  At least 5 churches have made resources available and 25-30 men have made themselves available to meet the needs of the community.

Thanks to Lighthouse Baptist we have a place to store wood that folks will need for the coming winters. (Lighthouse has provided free firewood for many years, we just started adding to it in the last couple of years). The men refurbed siding and replaced a roof on a local home this year. There are cleanups happening, brush being cut, and rails and ramps being installed.

Thanks to the men that make all this happen.  They are extending the helping hand of Christ to the community.