• Partnership with Barnardsville Elementary: Teacher Appreciation Breakfasts,  supply volunteers to read with the students, supplies at the first of each semester.
  • We participate in feeding the homeless on Sunday mornings in downtown Asheville  at Pritchard Park on a rotation basis.
  • Our church initiated and supports the Barnardsville Men, an ecumenical group which addresses community concerns and helps others by doing projects, repairing and building.  We also help cut and collect wood for those who cannot afford to buy it but must rely on it as a heat source in the winter.  We also support the Community center here through repair and maintenance projects.
  • Our church initiated and supports Helping Hands, an ecumenical women’s group doing outreach to the schools and other wonderful projects.
  • Support the mission of the pregnancy crisis center in Mars Hill.
  • We participate in Christmas Family Support through the local Community Center.
  • Sponsoring God and Country courses and Service Projects for Special Needs Scouts.
  • Preparing to house a Addiction Counseling Center at the church house.

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